How to trick your kids into eating vegetables

Are you constantly struggling to find ways to prepare vegetables that your kids will actually eat? 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been down the same road. Thankfully, experience has shown that there ARE some ways to trick your toddler into eating the vitamin-infused creamy soup and not recognize the tomatoes and onions.

Let’s look at my favorite 5 vegetable hacks that’ll finally make dinners with your toddler peaceful and enjoyable.

Boost the sandwich-game

Try adding a few thin slices of cucumber or tomato between the cheese and mayo next time you are making sandwiches. The juicy cucumber will help your kids bite into the sandwich easily!

Blend away the leafy greens

I don’t why, but toddlers seem to be most grossed out by the leafy greens such as spinach, kale, lettuce etc. But don’t let this stir you away from cooking these mineral-rich vegetables, as they are essential for your kids bones and cardiovascular health.

Make a flavorful sauce by blending fresh baby spinach along with half an avocado, season to taste and toss it onto your kid’s favorite pasta. My kids don’t even notice the extra veggies and greens I added.

Name the dishes

Next time you try tricking your kid by blending kale into a smoothie, try empowering it by calling it “Hulk’s secret power drink”. What kids doesn’t want to be as strong as the Hulk? However, if your kid’s not that into superheroes, tell them the smoothie will give them strong long-distance vision abilities, like an eagle! And you are still telling the truth, as kale helps strengthen vision, so open up your mind and follow your inner child next time you name the dishes.

Bake them in treats

Carrots may not be your kid’s first choice, but mixing them into your kids favorite brownies may help solve the problem. Try tossing a carrot or two and a small banana in the brownie mix to up your treats game and enjoy watching your kids munch away the veggie.

Cheese all the way

If your kid is on to your sneaky endeavors, then pull out the melted cheese card. What child has ever said no to a pizza? Exactly. 

Slice the onions and tomatoes super thin, toss some cheese on top of them and bake a pizza your child won’t say no to.

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