How to Make Essential Oil Infused Candles at Home

I love the way candles not only decorate the space, but subtly infuse it with a soft and delightful aroma. I keep at least 3 candles in every room! I decided to find an alternative to my beloved Yankees by making my own. Not only will they be healthier but they are more affordable. Making my own candles allows me to choose their shape and size, and us my favorite essential oils.

The basic ingredients for making your own aromatherapeutic candles are wax, cotton wicks with anchors and your prefered essential oils. I’ve been trying out different types of wax trying to find the ideal wax that’s non-toxic, burns slowly and clean. Soy wax checks all of the above! I prefer using soy wax flakes, as they are easier to manage.

Here’s the ingredient list for making 2 small candles:

  • 4 cups of soy wax flakes;
  • 2 pieces of cotton wicks with anchors; 
  • 120 drops of essential oils by your choice (I usually use 60 drops of Peppermint and 60 drops of Grapefruit, but feel free to experiment scenting your candles by your liking);
  • 2 8-ounce glass mason jars
  • 1 wooden chopstick for mixing
  • Wooden chopsticks for securing the wicks
  • An old pot (that you won’t mind destroying with wax)


  1. Put the wax into the pot and place over medium-heat, mixing thoroughly until the wax melts completely.
  2. Once the wax is melted, add the essential oils and continue mixing for 1 more minute.
  3. Anchor the cotton wicks in the jars by using a bit of wax on the anchor and secure them on the bottom of each jar. Place the extra chopsticks on top of each jar and secure the wicks on them with tape, making sure the wicks stands horizontally.
  4. Pour the wax into each jar one by one, making sure they’re equally filled. Depending on the size of the jars, you may have some wax left. Make sure to dispose of it in the garbage bin and not in the sink!
  5. Place the jars in a cold spot and let the candles set for at least one hour.
  6. Once they’re set, cut the wicks to your desired length.

Voila! It’s as simple as it sounds, so go and redecorate your house with all of the new candles you’ve made! 

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