My favorites from Revive’s Black Friday Sale

EVERYTHING on their website is on sale!

Revive’s Black Friday sale has started already! Click here to access!

If you haven’t heard, this is their sale: : $10 off $50+ Orders, $20 off $100+ Orders, $50 off $200+ Orders 🎉 Use Code: FRIDAY

It is the BEST prices of the YEAR. I placed my order already because I wanted to make sure to shop when all my favorites were still in stock!

Here are my favorites from the Black Friday Sale:

1) Immunity Boost. This is Revive’s version of Thieves. Immunity Boost is a must have for winter to keep your loved ones from getting sick. Also if you love Young Living Thieves or doTERRA On Guard – you’ll love Revive’s Immunity Boost.

Immunity Boost is Revive’s version of Thieves and is only $14! It is included in the Black Friday Sale!

2) Holiday Blends. I am in awe of the holiday blends that REVIVE has released this year. I can’t tell you my favorite because I love so many but I do have top 3, Holiday Heaven, Gingerbread Man, and Candy Cane Lane. You can see all the holiday blends

3) Oasis Diffuser. I have their Oasis Diffuser and LOVE IT. I describe it as my workhouse diffuser as I use it every single day. I have had my eye on their champagne diffuser and so excited to get it on sale this year!

4) Cleaner Concentrate. When friends walk into my house they wonder why it smells so good! Some days its the diffuser blend I have running but some days I just sprayed down the counter with the Revive Cleaner Concentrate that I diluted into a counter cleaner. It is already a great price and lasts so long – but I did stock up and buy the 2 pack!

5) Expensive Essential Oils. Rose, Sandalwood, and Roman Chamomile. Black Friday is is the time to buy the more expensive oils. Revive is already my go to shop because of their amazing quality (everything is GC/MS tested), fantastic customer service (no questions asked returns!), and fair price points. This sale is just the cherry on top!

6) The Basics. Black Friday is the time I stock up on all products, essential oils included! Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint all go in my cart and I actually buy them in this set so I get a little more savings.

If you’re wondering why I buy my Essential Oils from Revive – here’s my review of Revive.

I LOVE Essential Oils!

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